Presence. Honesty. Courage.

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"Totem Woman" - evolving self portrait

Instead of New Year’s “resolutions” this year, I decided to adopt a set of three words by which to live my life -  Presence, Honest, Courage. 

Presence. To live my life today. Not dwelling on yesterday or projecting what might happen tomorrow. To be in the moment in everything I do, whether it is painting, working at my “day job”, taking care of my grandchildren – whatever. To open my eyes, heart and mind to the NOW.  Anger, disappointment, impatience, fear, remorse… those are all emotions that stem from living in the past or in the future. Real joy, real contentment, even real sorrow, exist in the present.

Honest. This word is related to Present. It has to do with being true to myself, not saying/doing what I think someone else wants me to say or do. In my painting, it means tapping into the core of my self, and creating visual metaphors for what is there. Honesty in art and life is not always comfortable. And so my third word is…

Courage. I will need plenty of courage if I am to be true to myself and live in the present. It means identifying and letting go of things that are no longer important to now. Letting go is a particularly hard task for me, being a sentimental soul! I tend to hang onto things long past the time when they are truly relevant to my life. It is my nature to both attract and repel change. So courage is needed if I am to evolve.

Over the past year, I have practiced being present, honest and courageous in my art. I will continue this year to build on what I have learned, and apply the same principles to life. (Life imitating Art!)  If you'd like to to join me in this journey,  subscribe to my blog by clicking the "follow this blog" link on the right side of the page.

Thanks to Barney Daveys and Chris Brogan for the inspiration to come up with Three Words.

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