Sweet Song of Autumn

This is the painting I am currently working on. A 30x40” canvas titled “Sweet Song of Autumn.” It is really a bittersweet song, as long nights and scarcity lie ahead. But the elk know it is time to plant the seeds that will germinate and grow in the cocoon of darkness, pushing through the unknown to emerge into the Light of Spring.

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Steal Your Face

What is your face? Your least the one you show to the world. A mask, covering the tender spirit within. When your mask is stolen, what is left? The spirit that is you. The spirit that has always been and will always be.
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Glory of Horses- press release

Sky Walker, GOH panel
Over 150 beautiful horses have embarked on a worldwide tour as a Tribute in Honor of the Horse for all his service, loyalty, and companionship throughout the history of man. Now on its worldwide tour throughout communities around the world, The Glory Of HorsesTM proudly announces the unveiling of the breathtaking "Majesty" project, the first, most historic work of equine art of its kind to be publicly displayed. The Internationally recognized Home Depot hosted the initial display of the Majesty project on August 22, 2008, in Texas. Scores of internationally acclaimed, award winning artists, and four very special horses - that’s correct, four real live horses - have painted 144 individual artist's panels to create the incredible, awe inspiring "Majesty" project, which stands an amazing twelve feet tall and sixteen feet wide! The "Majesty" project is the first of several equine art mural projects being created by the Glory Of HorsesTM to be a voice for horses in need of retirement opportunities and rescue assistance! If you love horses, don't miss your opportunity to see the magnificent "Majesty" project in person, the most historic work of equine art of its kind, and feast your eyes on this absolutely gorgeous Tribute honoring the Horse! The "Majesty" project and all of the Glory Of HorsesTM International Creation Team artists can be seen on the internet at Posters and prints of this incredible equine art project are available for purchase, just in time for your holiday gift giving. To learn more about this great Tribute to the Horse, the International Creation Team of artists, and upcoming appearances of the Majesty project, visit the Glory of Horses website. 
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The music played the band


September’s meditation is awareness. Awareness is defined as consciousness, alertness, wakefulness and knowledge. What does it mean to be fully aware? As an artist, awareness is a state of being when I am painting. I am aware of the brush moving across the canvas, and aware of the colors being mixed on my palette. I am aware of the spring of the bristles of my brush. I am aware of the image presenting itself on the canvas. 

Being aware doesn’t mean being in control – at least not in the sense of the mind thinking and controlling the actions of the hand and body. Rather it is more like tapping into something bigger. I imagine it to be like a surfer riding a wave; or a musician playing an instrument. The Grateful Dead referred to this when they sang “the music played the band.” I remember the first time I played a song on my guitar and became aware of my fingers moving on the neck of the guitar – without my thinking of where my fingers should go, they seemed to be moving of their own accord. The first time it happened was both exhilarating and frightening.

In this zone of wakefulness there are no mistakes, because you are tapped into the rhythm of the universe, the source of all creativity. There is no fear, because in this realm of being there is no future and no past, just presence.

Painting in the zone gives me a glimpse of how perfect and peaceful life can be.

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