The Crescent and the Cross

This painting was an exploration of the differences - and similarities, between Islamic and Christian religions and Middle Eastern and Western cultures. At first glance we are as different as night and day. But further exploration reveals the underlying human qualities that we all share.
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Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice...Merry Christmas...(belated) Happy Hanukah. What do all the winter holidays have in common? A celebration of Light, which comes during the darkest time of the year. According to Native American myth, December's moon is the Moon of Suffering. According to Nancy Wood, author of "Dancing Moon", published bt Doubleday, "Out of suffering comes compassion for people we never noticed before, the ones in a crowd whose eyes we cannot meet." I challenge all who read this blog to seek out those eyes, to connect, to have compassion - and carry the compassion into 2008. We are all children of the Universe, and we are all Brothers and Sisters. Reach out, touch the hand of the one whose eyes cannot meet yours. No matter what your religious beliefs, the Winter Solstice is a time to remember that dark times descend on all of us, and the Light lives within all of us as well. Let your Light shine! Pass it on!
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Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Paints have a very particular marking. They have a "war bonnet" on the head with a break of white between it and any coloring on the face. To have no other markings except the "war bonnet" is very rare. Medicine Hat Paint Horse markings had once been highly-prized by certain Native American cultures. These horses were believed to possess certain powers that would render their riders invincible in battle. The small feather in this painting represents the power of this horse being sent into the universe.

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