The Way of the Wolf

While working on this painting last night I realized I was getting "too attached" to the image - hence I was having trouble with the wolf's legs and they were becoming much too importnat - and overworked. So I decided what I needed to do was start over, and wiped out the who bottom of the painting. When I stepped back, I was surprized to see how making the legs unimportant forced the face of the wof to be the focal point - which is what I wanted all along. As I looked at the wolf, it occured to me that this is how this animal - and the medicine she carries - wants to present herself. Not all at once and in your face, but shrouded in mystery. There is much to learn abuot the way of the wolf, and it can't be hurried.

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Hi Kate,
Ironically, I just read Diane Mize's article on the golden ratio, and using the 'eyes' of the golden ratio as a focal point. ( I would say the point of the jaw bone of your wolf illustrate's her article perfectly!
This is a very beautiful painting. Good work!

Later, Cooper

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