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Glory of Horses- press release


Sky Walker, GOH panel
Sky Walker, GOH panel

Over 150 beautiful horses have embarked on a worldwide tour as a Tribute in Honor of the Horse for all his service, loyalty, and companionship throughout the history of man. Now on its worldwide tour throughout communities around the world, The Glory Of HorsesTM proudly announces the unveiling of the breathtaking "Majesty" project, the first, most historic work of equine art of its kind to be publicly displayed. The Internationally recognized Home Depot hosted the initial display of the Majesty project on August 22, 2008, in Texas. Scores of internationally acclaimed, award winning artists, and four very special horses - thatís correct, four real live horses - have painted 144 individual artist's panels to create the incredible, awe inspiring "Majesty" project, which stands an amazing twelve feet tall and sixteen feet wide! The "Majesty" project is the first of several equine art mural projects being created by the Glory Of HorsesTM to be a voice for horses in need of retirement opportunities and rescue assistance! If you love horses, don't miss your opportunity to see the magnificent "Majesty" project in person, the most historic work of equine art of its kind, and feast your eyes on this absolutely gorgeous Tribute honoring the Horse! The "Majesty" project and all of the Glory Of HorsesTM International Creation Team artists can be seen on the internet at Posters and prints of this incredible equine art project are available for purchase, just in time for your holiday gift giving. To learn more about this great Tribute to the Horse, the International Creation Team of artists, and upcoming appearances of the Majesty project, visit the Glory of Horses website. 

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16 Responses to Glory of Horses- press release

did you know that Carol Paselk just had all 58 of her starving horses awarded to a rescue? Read the story here:

Also another link...

the woman is a fraud. Pass it on to the other artists you know. She scammed many artists over the last year and it is now going to all come out publically. Check Raymar's site for a statement from them.

PS. She took the website down right after the ruling and is facing criminal charges.

I am saddened and sickened by the news of Carol Paselk's arrest for animal cruelty. Yet another case where good intentions can go very wrong. I don't understand how something like this can happen? How can someone who purports to love horses watch them stare. Certainly there where other options, including voluntarily giving them up to the Humane Society. My intentions when joining the Glory of Horses project were to help horses. I'm devastated that no good came of my efforts.

I was shocked at seeing the conditions of the ranch. Horses standing in manure 3 to 4 feet high. Starving horses.
She continued to accept donations for this wonderful art work to spend on herself.
God will have His justice for the horses.

Hi There,

I have been trying to follow this case, but I haven't heard anything about it since June. Does anyone here have any recent information? I worked for this lady in the early 90s, and she was a very abusive person.

I have news for all of you. All is not lost. I have access to all of the panels sent to Carol. I would like to help in any way I can but do not know where to start.
I got involved with her soon after her horses were taken. I do not know the whole story behind what had happened. I am slowly learning more about her that has changed my original opinion of her.

I wouldnt know either. I am pretty sure she moved back to California because she made a business wiki for "Rosebrook Foundation" and she has listed herself as the president, and its in Citrus Heights CA. It was updated just a couple months ago.

I will try to contact some of the other artists who were part of the Glory of Horses. Maybe there is a way we can still benefit horses through the paintings we did.

Do you know any more about our panels? I am one of the artists. I did 2 panels for the project. I thought they were completely lost, so I never tried to pursue anything, but if there is a chance to get them back, I would love to be able to do that! I have pictures of them on my computer somewhere if someone has access to them and needs proof they are mine.

I haven't heard anything more. I'd like to get my artwork back, too.

Why wasn't she charged with theft? I dont understand that.

No, she never did go back to California. She has been in jail for nearly a year now. She is due for release with probation next month. I am so not looking forward to her getting out. She's the most inconsiderate, ungrateful B#$andH I know. She was living right down the road from us. The place was forclosed on though and I don't know what she's going to do. She's already blaming my sister for losing her place though it was Carol who had not been paying the mortgage for over a year before going to jail.

As far as the panels, I have the majority of them. My sister grabbed a couple boxes of panels but I'm not sure what all goes with the Glory of Horses thing. I was informed that there were contracts everyone had to sign giving all rights to the paintings to Carol. I do not know what has become of those contracts. If the bank sent someone out to clean the place up, they are gone. However, no one had been out there as of about a month ago.

Really!?!?!?! Then I wonder who renewed her Rosebrook Foundation thing with the state???

Too bad they can't keep that bitch in jail a whole lot longer. I saw the news report on Carol Paselk and her horses water buckets and feed tubs had manure spilling into them. One of the sickest things I'd ever seen. Those buckets were hung probably 3 1/2 or more ft. from the stall floor. Many of my ABR friends sent her money and feed and hay to take care of her horses. She's such a despicable thing, a poor excuse for a human anyway. She told me many times that there'd been too much to do at her farm and needed to get people to come help her,.... How'd she know she couldn't do it alone? Doesn't look to me like she'd ever even tried to do anything and she's a large woman. I know she spent her days on the computer and phone, talkin' about how she wanted to help with the horses going to slaughte. Yeah RIGHT!! While her horses in her yard and barn starved to death. They needed to put the crook under the jail.

As I understand the court documents I've read today, she never went to jail. Heather,... are you sure she's in jail? If so, where at? I copied this judges ruling from the website with her case on it.

"Carol Marie Paselk appeals her conviction by a jury of cruelty to a bay male horse.1 Paselk was sentenced to 365 days' confinement in the Hopkins County Jail and a fine of $250.00. The trial court suspended the sentence and placed her on community supervision for a term of two years."

Suspended sentence means she'd not had to do any time. What a shame huh? If you have further info, let me know please. Thank you!

It's been a long time since this mess was active. I have one of the horses that hell-bound b***** was trying to starve to death--had him DNA tested--purebred Arabian--and he is glorious now!! I don't know what happened to the other 56 horses, but this one has found a good and well-deserved homr.

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