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Defining Goals



 In my last blog I talked about being confused in my art life, and feeling like I was on some kind of weird reality show. I enlisted the help of a creativity coach to help me organize the steps needed to attain my goals. 

We started out by defining my goals – everything from goals relating to my personal life to goals in my creative life. (They are definitely inter-related.) These goals were further broken down into immediate goals – changes I could make RIGHT NOW; short-term goals – what I could accomplish in two months; to mid-range goals – what I could accomplish in a year; long-term goals – where I want to be in five years. Then the goals were prioritized – not so much in order of importance, but in sequential order – this has to be done before this, etc. Seemingly elementary, but for me, who tends to react rather than plan, it was huge.

Because my coaching sessions were done via email, all this had to be written down. The act of putting on paper (or the computer screen in this case!) what my goals were somehow mad them more tangible, more real. These were not just some ethereal dreams, they were honest-to-goodness, solid GOALS. And because they are “real,” they are attainable.

I have to point out that this was nothing "new" to me. I've had mentors tell me this before. But somehow, being held accountable - this was an assignment, I had to do it - really helped me.

Organizing and writing down my goals somehow relieved some of my stress. “I have a goal…and a roadmap. I’m not lost!” Next, we started working on creativity. My creative goal was to find my own voice. My creativity coach questioned me. What do you mean by “your own voice?” I’m not sure if I even know what I meant by that at first.

In my next blog, I’ll talk a bit about what finding my own voice came to mean to me.

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2 Responses to Defining Goals

Look forward to following your thoughts on finding your visual voice. Makes us all stop a moment and think. Thanks for sharing.

Keep going on this subject, as almost EVERY artist I know needs this guidance. I certainly do!

Inherent in this is learning patience as a goal to realize, also, as I always hope (at least expect!) for miracles to happen immediately, if not sooner, that the world will DISCOVER my art (or writing or music, whatever) and then find that this, too, takes TIME. Who has time? We all had better learn patience, don't you agree?

And tenacity, too!

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