The New Day

Still in my renewal mode...this time with an older oil painting. It's not that I didn't like the original painting - I just felt that it was unfinished.


(The Universe is Infinite - underpainting for The New Day)


So far I've just played with acrylic over acrylic in my renewal paintings - but the truth is I have a LOT more oil paintings stacked up in my studio. So I decided to see what would happen painting loose oil over oil, and am really excited over the result.


Normally I have a concept or a story that I start out with. In this case, I just slopped on some yellow ochre and titanium white with a big brush. The horse figure was the first to emerge, then the wolf. I love the way the drips work to create texture and movement, and how the old painting shows through in unexpected ways. I guess the element of surprize is what excites me about these  paintings.


For me, The New Day retains the original concept of the underpainting while taking it to a more esoteric level.



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