The Heart of Otter - Finished

The Heart of Otter is Bathed in Joy. Otter is the birth totem animal for those born between January 20 and February 18.

Birth totem otter is an individual who has incarnated into this particular lifetime to immerse him/herself in the fountain of knowledge. As such, these souls will be in continual search of information, ideas and concepts that will provide a refreshing fountain from whence he/she will thirstily drink. However, as the fountain of knowledge is an eternal and never ending source, in their enthusiasm to glean as much knowledge as quickly as possible, there may exist a tendency within these individuals to skim the surface, rather than explore the deeper waters that would result in truer understanding.

I have to say Otter was one of the most enjoyable paintings I've ever worked on - everything seemed to fall into place almost effortlessly. Even the challenges were fun. This is the 8th painting I've completed in the Birth Totem animal series, and it is fun to see how they all fit together. As I've been painting each individual, I haven't been thinking of how they would hang together, other than I knew I wanted them all the same size and square format. But now that I have eight of them done, I am pleased how each "month" relates to the one preceding it and after it.

I started working in series about two years ago, finally following the sage advice of my friend and mentor, pastel artist Clive Tyler. I must be a slow learner, because he told me that many years ago, when I was a student of his in a pastel class. At the time I was painting mostly landscape and had begun incorporating barns into my scenes, and eventually I got to the point where the painting was mostly about the barn. But the concept of working in a dedicated series eluded me until I began my "Equine Spirit" series. The Birth Totem animal really resonates with my personality - I tend to like to mix things up a lot - not much of a "routine" type of person. So having the challenge of a different animal for each painting but keeping the format consistent has provided a great platform for me to explore and grow.

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I have really enjoyed this series that you do, and each one hold up very well as an individual piece, but when viewed as a series it is powerful on a whole other level. Thank you for sharing your talent with me!

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