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Having Fun with Otter


Woke up this morning to a rather pungent smell wafting in through the open window. Could it be? Yes! Jackson, our JRT/Aussie mix went head-to-tail with our resident skunk, who has made her home under our shed. All is well with her living there...or at least WAS, until Jackson discovered her a couple of weeks ago. The other three dogs seem quite content to let the skunk live in peace. But Jackson, he is obsessed, as only a JRT can be. Seems that when the genes of his parents mixed, he got a large dose of terrier-ist! So there I was at 7 AM, giving him a bath. Such is life in the country, especially in the company of canines!

Speaking of dogs, I noticed, when painting Otter last night, that there is something very dog-like about otters. At least that is how Otter is presenting himself to me. Painting Otter is such a joy! Everything seems to be falling into place - while not "effortless", it is not frustrating either. I'm having a blast! Otter seems to be telling me to loosen up, let go, just paint! And so last night that is just what I did.

As I just painted, trying to be as mindless as possible, I noticed that Raven and Owl had joined in the fun - you can see them in the body of Otter. I don't know if they'll stay, but for right now I'm enjoying having them along. I like the way the water parts where the body of Otter cut through the surface tension and dove joyously into the mysterious, liquid world. The shape made where air caresses water reminds me of a coast, or the border of a state. Or it looks like a liquid tornado, or the swirls of clouds in outer space. I am drawn to this place that exists somewhere. A place where my spirit can play.

Otter is the birth totem animal for those born between January 20 and February 18. Although Otter is not my birth totem animal (I was born at the time when Raven and Snake move together), I think Otter has come to tell me to loosen up, let go, relax, play and stop being so darn serious all the time!

I can't wait to get back in the studio and see what games Otter has in store for me!

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2 Responses to Having Fun with Otter

Ohhhhhh I REALLY love this one Kate!! The colors are just delicious and he just seems to glide playfully under the water!!

Thanks Marian! I am so enjoying painting this one!

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