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The Heart of Snow Goose

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This was a very difficult piece -  getting the shape of the bird to read - but more importantly getting the feel for the snow goose, and the message it brings, was not as easy as some of the totem animals. I did extensive reading on snow geese, both from the spiritual and biological standpoints. From my collection of photo references, I chose a snow goose landing - for no particular reason other than I liked the way the light it the bird's wing and breast, and I liked the overall shape and the way it fit into the square format. So much of what I read on snow geese talked about migration, quests, travel, persistence, loyalty, community and vision.  But to me those qualities described more what shows on the outside; I wanted to get to the Heart of Snow Goose. The inner desire, the inner quality. I knew I had chosen to paint Snow Goose landing for a reason, although I wasn't sure what the reason might be. I tried lots of different word combinations, but none felt right. But last night I took a "power nap" before painting and the words came to me in my dream-state.  "The Heart of Snow Goose Seeks Rejuvenation." That fits with all my reading about geese returning to the place they were born to lay their eggs, about geese moving back in the formation to rest...and about people with Snow Goose as a birth totem animal needing to rest, to relax, to renew and rejuvenate before taking off on another Quest.

This painting is 95% finished - I just need to let the paint set up (dry) a bit so I can come in and re-write the wording so it shows up better.

The Heart of Snow Goose is the 8th painting in my series of 12 birth totem animal paintings. Those born between December 22 and January 19 have Snow Goose as their birth totem animal.

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